I've got Jennifer Anniston on my mind this morning & my friend, Peter Franklin-The Gabby Cabby, will be talking about Jennifer this afternoon (Thursday) when he visits the Puffman Show during the 4 o'clock hour. The Gab Man has a ton of his "True Tales" to share with out listeners, although at this point in time, I think the Jennifer Anniston story is probably the most important one! Visit Gabby's website at: Gabby.com & check out the picture of some of New York City's hard working women gazing through a telescope & getting a 1st hand look at outer space! These women look like they're ready to go to the moon & the Gabby Cabby has "the story behind the story". ALL his True Tales are real knee slappers & enough to make you kick the slats out of your cradle, not to mention his "Smiler" today about our old friend, "The Milkman". Don't be crabby, join the Gabby Cabby...& me, the Puffman, this afternoon on KSEN.