I don't usually blog about politics and/or my political views. For one thing, we get enough of that on the mainstream media and besides, I believe I am right and correct in my views and as long as I'm happy believing what I believe, all's well. I would like to chime  in on this "government shutdown business" we are hearing and reading about. I think it is nothing but an opportunity for both major political parties to do as much political posturing as possible.  My opinion is  that it is "all for show" and unfortunately I think that most Americans think it means something when in reality it  means nothing except for one side to accuse the other of being mean to the American people. I will admit it worked to Bill Clinton's advantage when he had Newt and his party nipping at his heels some years  back and was probably an advantage for Clinton in being re-elected his second term in office. But let's look at what it really means. Or in this case, what it DOESN'T mean. Should the government "shut down," social security checks will STILL get sent out, federal workers WILL still be paid, the TSA, the FBI, and the military will STILL be operating. There will STILL be mail and I'll STILL be broadcasting.  Like I say, this is nothing but an opportunity for the political parties to accuse one another of ruining our lives with the hope that it will pay off at the polls next election. What is really going to happen? Well I heard a school teaching crying on ABC News this morning saying that she can't take the children to the zoo. It's always about the children isn't it! Perhaps they ought to be in class studying in the first place! And if that not good enough, tune in the Puffman Show this afternoon and I'll play the Simon and Garfunkel tune, "At The Zoo".