The Marias Valley Monday night men's League Playoffs concluded Wednesday night with the Simons Petroleum Team winning the Championship.  It was a different format from the normal 18 holes because that was going to be played Sunday, but as most of you know torrential rains fell and delayed the play to Monday night.

The teams played 9-holes Monday night and Simons had a two-point lead going into Wed. night.  The teams with four players on each team, virtually played dead even Wed. night and Simons hung on to win the championship by two points.

Simons Petroleum captain Rod Stirling led the charge with a 39 on the final nine holes.  (I hope we see a handicap adjustment for next year).

Simons Petroleum and KSEN played in the Championship two years ago and at the end of 18 holes there was a dead heat with Simons winning a chip-off in the dark.  I guess we're hoping to play them again one of these days.  The Simons Petroleum team consists of Rod Stirling, George NIckol, Wyatt Frydenlund, Jake Frydenlund and Joe (long ball) Sisk.

The KSEN team is Cory Conant, Myself, Alan Stokes, Mike Cullen, and Jack Stokes.

I must say that it was tons of fun to play in the playoffs and in the Championship where everybody on the course wants to win, but at the same time it's friendly competition with good people on a great golf course.

If you didn't play in league this year, gather up a team and join in next year.