The Southern Peigan Diabetes Project will be holding a Cooking Class "Cooking With Squash" this evening (Wednesday) & it's for YOUR health. Tonight's "Cooking With Squash" presentation is scheduled to run from 5:30 to 7:30 & will be conducted in the Southern Piegan Building in Browning. We are hearing more & more about diabetes & diabetes management & tonight's an opportunity to learn even more. Diabetes is running rampant in our world today, especially among our younger generation. Squash is probably one of the healthiest foods around & is certainly an added "healthy" feature to any mealtime dinner, especially these cold winter evenings.. See you tonight at 5:30 in Browning. How do you like your squash? I like mine with plenty of butter & brown sugar with maple syrup poured on top. I'd like to hear from you on my Puffman Blog.