Here we go - it's State Tournament weekend for the Class A Boys, Class B Boys and Girls and we'll be following our local teams as they fight for the title.

Class B Boys officially get underway on Thursday morning at 9:00  with Northern Divisional champ, Wolf Point taking on #2 from the South - Whitehall. The Choteau BulDogs will get started at 5:00 pm Thursday night with their first round opponent #2 West - Big Fork. You can follow along on your own bracket HERE State Class B Boys Bracket.

The girls get started at noon on Thursday with the Fairfield (#1N) Shepherd(#2S) game. We'll bring you that game, I'll update you on the station as soon as that decision is made. Also for the girls we'll have the Conrad (#2N) Florence-Carlton(#2W) game at 8:00pm on Thursday. State Class B Girls Bracket

The Browning Boys (#2C) will take the floor against Stevensville (#1SW) at 2pm on Thursday and we'll have that game for you as well. State Class A Boys Bracket