No charges against senator while probe continues

HELENA, Mont. (AP) — The Blackfeet tribe's chief prosecutor says his office is waiting for the results of an investigation before deciding whether to charge a state senator accused of fleeing a law-enforcement officer.

Prosecutor Carl Pepion said Thursday he doesn't know when the probe into Sen. Shannon Augare (oh-ZHAIR') will be completed and tribal police have "more serious things to take care of."

He quickly added he wasn't downplaying the allegations against Augare, who is also a tribal councilman.

The Glacier County Sheriff's Office says Augare was stopped Sunday for erratic driving on U.S. Highway 2. Authorities say the deputy smelled alcohol and Augare appeared to be impaired.

Augare allegedly told the deputy he had no jurisdiction to arrest him and drove away.

The sheriff's office turned the matter over to the tribe.