I've come across a new book, "Looking Glass Shattered" & the cover says it's written by...are you ready for this..."My Human Compassion". I'm not sure what I should call the guy..."My" or "Human" or "Compassion"?! Perhaps MHC might work, lest someone get that confused with Marias Health Care. This book, "Looking Glass Shattered" deals with questions & answer that heal old wounds. Liberty, justice, equality, & freedom are easily hand delivered to humanity, yet My Human Compassion's 2 year vision quest through cities & wildernesses uncovered that life is not fair. What can we do to make life more fair? Should we rid all attachments to have everything in 1 backpack? Could we abandon home to randomly roam the country? Why must we own womb birth guaranteed human civil rights? Don't ask me...the toughest decision I'm working on this morning is what to have for lunch! You're invited to read "Looking Glass Shattered" & follow along with My Human Compassion who is on a desperate life long vision quest to answer these questions & give humanity the tools for healing before its collective journey heads into extinction. This is a 3=AUM (universal sound vibrations telling us that everything is in constant change) evolutionary approach to heal past wounds so we can own new life foundations of success & happiness! The author says "These writings cannot be put down & it's truths are impossible to forget". I think the book is worth checking out & as soon as I decide whether I'm having a burger & a beer or Chinese for lunch, I'll look into it. I want to learn more about this "healing power of the number 3 that exists in every culture. Energy, matter, & light are THREE essentials making up all living & non-living things. Our very planet earth is the 3rd planet from the sun.Look for "Looking Glass Shattered; Questions and Answers that Heal Old Wounds" by My Human Compassion. Visit: www.mhc.com or: www.myhumancompassion.com. You can also Twitter: @myhumancompass.I'm twittering right now thinking about all this heady stuff.