Written by Marigail Sveum

Roger & Marigail Sveum own a family farm operation in northern Toole County, Montana.  We farm land located east of Sunburst and south of Sunburst.  We also farm land that was Roger’s father, Martin Sveum’s.  This land is located west of Sunburst and northeast of Sunburst.  We mainly grow malt barley, but have also grown winter and spring wheat.

Every family member has helped at one time or another with several different aspects of the farming operation.

This last fall, harvest was especially fun for the four family members still at home.  Our son, Kyle, operated the combine.  Marigail ran the tractor pulling the grain cart.  Roger drove the semi’s and grain trucks to and from the elevator or bins.  Our daughter, Alex, prepared all the meals and helped move equipment when needed.  Kyle even gave her a quick combine lesson one afternoon.

We all really enjoy being able to contribute to the success of the family farm.