Governor Criticizing Republican-Led Legislature
HELENA, Mont. (AP) — Gov. Steve Bullock is criticizing the Republican-led Legislature for moving ahead with six voter referendums, saying they disregard the legislative process.
Lawmakers have given their initial approval to the referendums in time for Friday's transmittal deadline...
Jones asks “How can Governor call this an Increase”
State Senator Lew Jones of Conrad says the governor's education funding plan is "Not Equitable"
Jones, in his weekly legislative report on KSEN said the money for what he called education funding increases would not be an increase, but would merely take $37 Million annually fro…
Would the governor of Montana drink your beer?
Appearing on the Northern Ag Network this morning, Governor Brian Schweitzer was asked if he had changed his tune by posting no hunting signs without permission on his property near Mullan Pass.
The Governor told the caller that he must be "Lost in Space," and went on to explain how no one …