Jean Arthur has AUTHORED a neat new book on hiking up in Glacier. No doubt about it...hike, backpack, bring the kids-whatever you're looking for, there's a trail for you in & around Glacier National Park & take it from me...this book is for you! It's "Top Trails Glacier National Park; Must-Do Hikes For Everyone" from Wilderness Press. With its crystalline lakes, towering mountains, impressive waterfalls, diverse plant & animal life, &, of course, dynamic glaciers, Glacier National Park offers an overwhelming number of outdoor adventures. "Top Trails Glacier National Park" describes both the park's classic destinations & lesser-known jewels in 40 must-do-hikes. The award-winning Top Trails series includes innovative trail-feature trails, wildflowers, scenic vistas, & more! Wilderness Press has been on the trail since 1967. Check them out along with this wonderful presentation at: & then get ready to enjoy another "Montana" kind of summer at Glacier!