It's like the old tune that was #1 on the charts back in 1945...The B-17G bomber, "Sentimental Journey" will be visiting our Cut Bank International Airport Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday of next week. What a flying machine! This is a 4 engine job with more RPM's than an old 78 record! This is truly a unique opportunity to see one of the most important aircraft of WW II. There will be flight rides, tours, school tours, & memorabilia available on site at the Cut Bank Airport Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday of next week. Roy Nollkamper, no stranger to the Puffman Show, will be stopping by tomorrow (Thursday) afternoon at 2:30 to share what will be a fantastic undertaking at the airport. This B-17G bomber visit is being sponsored in part by Edward D. Jones, Alme Construction, Auto Tune Muffler, & the Cut Bank Chamber of Commerce. For more information AND reservations, call 873 8683 or 450 1078 & then tune in tomorrow afternoon for an adventure in the air AND on the air!