"Tall" Todd, the custom harvester guy, reports that he moved 2 machines to Leoti, Kansas earlier this month & is on his way south to Grant, Nebraska with 2 more machines, crew trailers & the rest of the harvest equipment. Earlier, they had taken the tractor & grain cart to the Harrold/Vernon, Texas area, plus semi's & grain trailers. Todd says on the 1st trip down, they had started running into drought conditions in southern Nebraska & on into Kansas & WORSE in Oklahoma & Texas. The producers were swathing winter wheat in Oklahoma & baling it for the cattle. In the Leoti, Kansas area, the dry-land crops have been zeroed out, with only the irrigated left to harvest. Yesterday (Thursday), Todd chewed the fat with another custom harvester & they tried some crops in the Harrold/Vernon, Texas area & they figured that the wheat was running about 13 bushels to the acres with a 58 pound test weight. They don't pay on protein, so NO protein test was taken. Todd plans to be there sometime today (Friday) & they will try harvesting in a day or two. He said that Oklahoma has a lot of blow-dirt in the ditches & fences (I've had the same thing in my clothes dryer!), but recent rains have helped to stop the dust from blowing. To me, this explains the popular Kansas tune, "Dust In The Wind." I'll have more "Harvest Updates" on my Puffman Blogs as the harvest season progresses.