"They" say that it is the latest breakthrough in the wellness revolution! It's all in the new read from Allan C. Somersall, PhD, MD, physician & author of TEN bestselling wellness books. This tome is titled "The Amazing Power Of Stem Cell Nutrition; How To Enhance Your Natural Repair System Today". We all have stem cells, we all use stem cells & we all use our stem cells every day. Stem cells work...& they work every time! It's a story in 2 parts. 1st, there's the Natural Renewal System of our body which involves the release of those stem cells from the bone marrow. Next, they then traffic to tissues in need where they migrate out, then proliferate & differentiate to become cells of each particular tissue, thereby providing an effective means for renewal & repair. That's what nature does already-it is now proven basis Stem Cell physiology. 2nd, dietary intervention through Stem Cell Nutrition is now available to enhance this intrinsic process in a mild but significant way, thereby making the promotion of optimal health & wellness available to all-TODAY-NOT tomorrow or whenever there is visible light on the research horizon through Stem Cell Medicine. Dr. Somersall says "That's what you can do NOW to support your stem cell physiology. "AND they say that I can't write a serious blog!! It's more than interesting reading, not only for the physician, but for the average layman like me, the Puffman. Check out "The Amazing Power of Stem Cell Nutrition" at: www.stemcellnutrition.com. Who knows, this could end up becoming a "Million Celler"!