The Congdon case had it all: murder in one of America's great mansions, multi-million dollar inheritance, family feuds, suicide, private eyes, and investigative intrigue. But the butler didn't do it. Author Sharon Hendry joins me tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) at 4:35 to discuss her mystery thriller, "Glensheen's Daughter". I picked up this page turner several months ago at the Minneapolis airport and wasn't able to put it down until I came to the shocking conclusion. It's a chilling, close-up look at one of the strangest multiple-murderesses of the 20th century. Author Sharon Hendry will share the inside story of Marjorie Congdon and the stream of mysterious arson and murders that have followed in her wake. I would like to give away a copy of this well-crafted criminal profile but since I paid for it, I'm keeping it for myself. See you Thursday afternoon on the Puffman Show and remember, crime never, in this case, it looks like it did!