It looks like the 2011 harvest season has wrapped up. My friend "Gunsmoke" Gary Gollehon tells me that his friend, Todd-The-Custom-Cutter Man, is anticipating driving down to Texas, Oklahoma (a good name for a musical), and Kansas to take a look-see at conditions down in those parts. Winter wheat seeding in the south is fast and furious as there have been some reports of moisture in those states but, unfortunately, no sub-moisture on which to rely. Tall Todd says that the livestock end of things up in Canada is beginning to move south. Feedlots north of Lethbridge figure on moving some 17,000 head of cattle per week down to Hiram, Utah to the slaughter houses. I'm glad I'm not in THEIR shoes...or should I say, "HOOVES". This exodus should continue until 17,000 head have gone to the big hamburger factory in the sky. As far as where the finished product will end up is anyone's guess. Some wagging tongues are saying it is all going to Korean markets. I'll look into this and get back to you all later on another Puffman Blog. In the meantime, make mine medium rare!