Today I went to the DMV in Shelby, it was a very delightful experience other than the wait. I am told that my wait really wasn't that long compared to what the average wait time is normally.  I went to the Treasures Office to pay my fee at 9 am when they opened, headed back to work until 9:55, then to the DMV office to try to get in the front of the line before they opened at 10:30 am.  I was told by many people that your best bet is to go pay at 9 am and head straight to the line because the line gets so long that you may not get in before the one hour lunch taken by the examiner.  I thought I would take my chances and get in line just before 10 am about 35 minutes before they open.  I was the ninth person in line! Apparently this is an exciting thing because on some occasions coming at that time would make you about number 20! There were about 20 people in line by 10:30 when the examiner opened for the day. I spoke to the gentleman that was first in line and he said he arrived between 9:30 and 9:45 am and they other seven people were right there behind him.  I waited until 11:00 am and I was in! It took about 5 minutes in the office with the examiner, and I would have to say she was a very pleasant woman.  She was very friendly and very efficient at her job, she is not a time waster.  The DMV hours in Shelby are 10:30am to 2:30 pm with a one hour lunch on the first, second, and third Tuesday of every month.  Just a heads up if you leave during that one hour lunch you will lose your spot, the Shelby DMV is a first come first serve system unlike Great Falls where you are required to make an appointment.