I realized early this morning that I had left my Dwight Weiss School of Broadcasting lunch bucket at the radio station the day before. I had no choice but to brave 30 degree temperatures at 7 in the morning, drive in to the station to retrieve my lunch pail, and drive back home in order that another delicious lunch could be inserted into the bucket. Yesterday I enjoyed a peanut butter and jelly samwich, two Twinkies, and a stick of processed cheese. I am trying to eat healthy. Well anyway, to get to the point of my blog: I was literally swept off my feet when I walked in here at 7 in the morning and witnessed ALL THE ACTIVITY going on. Our morning man Mark Daniels was hard at it on-the-air making sure that he was getting all the school lunch menus in order and read in the proper manner. Not 20 feet away, Gary Goodan, our sports director, was busy gathering, editing, and putting together material for the morning sports cast coming up in less than 25 minutes. In the next room, Anne James was checking all the community happenings and public service announcements that she would read on our Viewing Montana program, a staple of KSEN Radio since the days of Jerry Black. All around me, papers were flying, computers were running full speed, the internet was wide open, and phone calls were being made and received. This is MORNING RADIO at it's best and trust me, this place is a virtual "nerve center" in the mornings. I grabbed my lunch pail and quietly left, happy to wait my turn to ride the ether waves at two this afternoon.