The game is "Syncrohearts" and the inventor of this romantic and fun game will be my special guest this afternoon (Monday) at 4:35PM on the Puffman Show. He's Dr. Bobby Love from Vancouver, British Columbia and this guy has a real "Canadian accent". Dr. Love and his wife, Mrs. Love, invented this game some five years ago and several years back, Dr. Love was a guest on my program. Valentine's Day IS tomorrow and it only comes around once a year and I'm sure this afternoon's interview will be one that is timely and fun. I would like to mention that "Syncrohearts" is a "family friendly "G" rated game and it promises a lots of wholesome fun for couples everywhere. "Syncrohearts" is available by going to Dr. Love's website, The "Doctor of Romance" told me earlier today that he's now come out with a "love app" available for the game Syncohearts. It sounds like a neat, fun and engaging game and the "Love Doctor" is always a fun interview. He mentioned during the interview that his hope is that this game will help keep couples and marriages together. If that's the case, TV's Larry King should have purchased Snycrohearts about 7 or 8 wives ago. At any rate, I guess you can call the man "an eternal optimist". You can call me the "Puffman" and I invite you to join the "Doctor of Love" this afternoon on the Puffman Show in the 4 o'clock hour. Second caller AFTER the interview wins their very own copy of "Syncrohearts", the game!