What's is it like to see, hear, & communicate with those on the "other side"? Do you miss your crazy uncle in the attic? This afternoon (Thursday), on Puffman Musical Trivia, you can win the new book from celebrity medium Patrick Mathews if you can correctly identify the "mystery musical group. Medium Patrick Matthews, following the success of his bestselling book "Never Say Goodbye" returns with "Forever With You-Inspiring Messages of Healing & Wisdom from Your Loved Ones in the Afterlife". Through his personal tales of connections & conversations, Mathews explores how we can recognize the everyday signs of spiritual presences in our world, & proves that loved ones continue to share stories & share wisdom long after death. Looks like an interesting read from this lecturer, well-known psychic, teacher, & author. Be the 1st caller with the correct answer to my musical question this afternoon in the 4 o'clock hour & be sure & check out the book & visit Patrick Mathews on line at PatrickMathews.com. The book is from Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd, a leader in New Age publishing. Visit them online at www.llewellyn.com. Uncle Joe, we miss you!