I received a precipitation report from the Knees area this morning for the month of July that I'd like to share with you on my Puffman Blog. By the way, ALL data was recorded at six in the morning. July 1st had only a trace, as did July 13th, 18th, the 23rd, & the 25th. 0.18 was recorded on July 6th with the 8th coming in at 0.45, 0.33 on the 9th, 0.04 on the 29th. TOTAL precip for the month of July was 1.03 inches. July was a month of plenty of hail in the area surrounding the Knees but NO hail was the word for the immediate Knees area. I talked with Conrad farmer Gary Gollehon on the Gollehon Place earlier this morning (Saturday), & Gary tells me that he received 1700 hundreds in the past 24 hours & .89 in the last 2 days. I'll keep you posted as harvest season gets underway under our Big Sky here in the Golden Triangle.