He's Brian Keelan & Brian doesn't "burn one" any longer. In fact, he's penned the book. "How To Quit Smoking and Save Your Life". Brian says to smokers, "You know you need to do it...This book will teach you how". He says he smoked for 40 years. For over 35 of those 40 years, he was constantly trying to quit & was stressed out by the fact that no matter what product or program he tried, he COULDN'T do it. He was spending tons of money on cigarettes & even more money on any product or program that advertised that it could help him quit. The easier "they" said their product or program would make it for him to quit, the more money it cost...& he always got the same result...he would up smoking even more! In his book, Brian says he did eventually figure out how to do it; the "secret"(!) & it was a simple one. The "secret" is, he learned how to do it & then...he did it! The book is designed to help smokers & contains lots of good, street-smart information on how smokers can solve their smoking problem; information that was instrumental in helping him solve his smoking problem. I note that he dedicated the book to his daughter with apologies for the terrible example he said that he set for her as a smoker while she was growing up. If you're a smoker trying to quit, give the book a shot. Check out Brian's website: www.the quitsmokingguy.com. I think the book is worth looking into, & I'm going to invite Brian to come on the Puffman Show some afternoon to share his story with our listeners. I hope he hasn't started smoking again, with the stress of getting a book published & all!