Wolves might be considered good or bad, magnificent or repulsive, & even predator or prey. However you might describe them, it seems every Montanan has an opinion about wolves & how they should be managed. Livestock producers will have the opportunity to learn more about how our state & federal agents are managing wolves here in north-central Montana. 2 Wildlife management specialists from the USDA APHIS Wildlife Services along with a Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks wolf specialist from Great Falls will discuss the signs of wolf depredation on livestock, typical wolf habitats & behaviors, legal responses to wolf depredation & who to call if a wolf is suspected of harming cattle or sheep. Mike Hoggan & Kraig Glazier from Wildlife Services & Ty Smucker from MFWP also will talk about the advantages of collaring a wolf instead of removing it &, importantly, what livestock producers can do ahead of time to help deter wolf depredation. Staff from the Department of Livestock, Livestock Loss Board, George Edwards will be on hand to answer questions about what they do to help ranches who have lost animals. These 4 experts will speak this Tuesday at 2 locations: The 1st informational session will be held at the Whitlash Hall at 10AM & the 2nd session will be presented at the Valier Civic Center at 5 Tuesday afternoon. These meetings are being sponsored by the Marias River Livestock Association. For more information, contact Maggie Nutter at: nutter@northerntel.net.