Entertainment is the "KEY WORD" this week up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. There's a Community Card Party scheduled for 1:30 this afternoon (Monday, Memorial Day) & we're all (the community) invited to stop by & play today. Tomorrow night at 6 o'clock SHARP, I'll be up at the Heritage as we're getting ready to conclude Dale Sheldon's 1st book, "Who Lost." Speaking of "Lost"...I hope ol' Dale doesn't get "lost" this Friday night & can find his way up to the Heritage...he's scheduled to appear there LIVE & in person this Friday night to discuss his book, his life, & how long it took him to walk from Conrad to Shelby. I figure he'd best leave sometime Thursday afternoon at the latest! Hope to see you at the Heritage for the Community Card Party today, Montana History tomorrow night, & "Dangerous, yet Fearless"-Dale Sheldon Friday night at 6. If you happen to pass Dale on the interstate sometime on Friday, please stop & offer him a ride to the Heritage...his special presentation is scheduled for 6 o'clock. If it's happening, it's happening at the Heritage.