There's not only "art in the park" but there's a carnival to boot coming up this Thursday at the K.W. Bergan School cafeteria and gym. There will be fun art/craft projects for you to do and they're all FREE! If you like carnival games and booths as much as I do (I'm the Puffman), you'll be happy to know that you'll get UNLIMITED play for just $2.00. Talk about FUNtastic games...they even have a cupcake walk scheduled this Thursday. The carnival activities are $2.00 and you get a bracelet good for ALL carnival activities. Keep the bracelet and you might be able to sell it on our Swap and Bulletin Board some weekday morning. It could become a treasure some day. Of course there will be a ton of refreshments and some cool door prizes. See you this Thursday for the Art in the Park/Carnival at K.W. Bergan School cafeteria and gym. Spring and summer are truly in the air.