I've come up with a Puffman Sports Trivia question for tomorrow (Saturday) morning on a couple of winning big league pitchers from years gone by AFTER World War 11, the Big One! I hope you can join me at 7:30 for a chance to WIN Dick Flavin's "Red Sox Rhymes; Verses and Curses." Dick's the Boston Red Sox Poet Laureate & he wr written & performed scores of verses & ballads on the Red Sox, their iconic ballpark, & their storied players. His book is a hoot, & the 1st caller in tomorrow morning with the correct answer to my sports trivia question WINS "Red Sox Rhymes; Verses and Curses." You'll be laughin' with Flavin in this keepsake volume for sure. Good luck! See you at 7:30 Saturday morning on Puffman Sports Trivia.