He's Ace Abbot, author of the page turner, "The Rogue Aviator (in the back alleys of aviation"). "The Rogue Aviator" is an insider's view of aviation from a pilot who experienced 25 employer changes in 36 years while visiting 44 countries during the unstable "start up airline" era. And I thought the radio business was quite a trip! This aviation roller-coaster ride reveals the many nuances of the life of a professional pilot. The stories of "cliff hangar" airplane anecdotes will leave the you slack-jawed (as opposed to tight jawed) with amazement. All in all, I recommend you fasten your seat belts and sit back for the ride. "The Rogue Aviator" is recently published and is available at amazon.com. There's an E-book available also on Amazon. After reading this tome, an airplane ride may never be the same again next time you travel. I like the book...Ace inscribed the book to me and wished me "clear blue skies, tail-winds & silky-smooth grease-job landings". It sounds to me like a good oil & grease job on my vehicle and/or a typical afternoon on my Puffman Show!