CJI and Roy/Winifred gave us a little flashback this morning when Roy/Winifred tied the game at 40 with seconds left! CJI proved they can play in OT with a final of 51/50 to stay alive and wait for the loser of the Winnett/Grass Range -v- Chinook game to play tomorrow afternoon at 12:30pm.

In case you missed some of the scores yesterday -

  • North Star defeated CJI in OT 49/40
  • Belt defeated Roy/Winfred 51/36
  • Winnett/Grass Range defeated Geraldine 39/29
  • Chinook defeated Dutton/Brady 38/32

The boys get underway today with:

  • 11:00 am Dutton/Brady -v- Big Sandy
  • 12:30 pm Highwood -v- Denton
  • 4:00 pm Roy/Winifred -v- Great Falls Central
  • 5:30pm Box Elder -v- Simms (We'll air this game on k96fm.com and 96.7 FM)

Here's that NORTHERN C BOYS BRACKET in case you missed it before...


Winnett/Grass Range 39 over Geraldine 29

Chinook 38 over Dutton/Brady 32