"Take a plunge"...that's what my father always said whenever he talked about going swimming. I think he also might have said "go for a dip" a time or two. Swim season is on the way and the Cut Bank Sharks Swim Team will be having their sign-ups this Sunday afernoon from 3 until 5 at the Joe Meagher Memorial Civic Center in Cut Bank. Rather ironic that the Cut Bank Civic Center is named after Joe Meagher because Montana's first territorial governor, Thomas Meagher, drowned in the river at Fort Benton. The Cut Bank Sharks had a banner year last year and this season promises to be no different. All students ages 5 to 18 are invited to stop by Sunday afternoon and see what the Cut Bank Sharks Swim Team is all about. I should mention also that a parent must be present on Sunday for the student to sign up for the team. For more information, I encourage you to contact Wendy Nielsen. See you Sunday at the Cut Bank Civic Center.