It's Tuesday and that means I'll be stopping by the Marias Heritage Center in Shelby tonight to read Montana history. We are about three quarters way through the book that so beautifully describes growing up and living in the Yaak.It's a wonderful visit to a simpler time in our lives when good neighbors, difficult chores, and downright living and eating close to the ground were all many of us knew. As for excitement, I've got some on the "back burner" for the Heritage Center residents. The next book I have scheduled to read deals with the terrible Mann Gulch Fire of 1949 in the Helena National Forest. This was the infamous blaze that killed 13 firefighters including 12 smoke jumpers who were parachuted in. As old as I am, although I look 40, I am constantly amazed and delighted to read and learn more about our Montana history. I'm looking forward to the Heritage Center this evening, not only to read to the residents, but to share some encouraging news about our Montana weather. Spring truly is right around the corner. The Yaak must be beautiful this time of the year.