That's the only thing that I can figure. We're all enjoying world famous Conrad author Dale Sheldon's new book, "Who Lost?-The Autobiography Of A Blind Man With Great Vision" up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby & I'll back there tonight at 6 o'clock SHARP to read more about "Dangerous" Dale. Last week, we enjoyed reading about Dale's foray into the trucking/road building business & I'll have to say, the man may have had "Great Vision" but he was no great shakes in driving trucks & building highways. Check out his adventures on the Blackfeet Reservation on page 56! I think this "dreamer" got it right when he writes, "Knowing what I know now, I should have admitted defeat & taken the truck off that job & found something better or gotten rid of it altogether." The only snafu that I recall from my life that compares to this debacle is when I decided to go into the flea market business back in Pennsylvania back in the 80's. I think Dale says it all when he says, "We were in for a real education on that job because neither of us knew the 1st thing about black top." Next time you're on a Montana road or highway that appears to be built by a couple of guys on the giggle juice, think of Sheldon! It's a fun fantastic read & I've been laughing out loud (do you like the way that I spelled that out in long hand) since last Tuesday at the Heritage! I'll see you tonight up at the Marias Heritage Center for MORE Montana History. Check out Dale Sheldon's "Who Lost" at ALL businesses that sell books & both & Barnes&