Joe Gauthier, former K-9 handler for the City of Cut Bank, will be having Dog Obedience Classes this weekend. The classes will be held behind the high school bus barns by A.J. School & the tennis courts on the northwest side of Cut Bank from 1 until 4 both this Saturday & Sunday. The lessons are FREE & will be taught through Adult Education classes. Joe's a good guy, I met him personally several years back, & it is his wish that all dog adopters along with the general public attend the classes tomorrow & Sunday. Also, any dog owners who need a refresher course are welcome to attend. Joe says "socializing, training, exercising, & loving our animals are the most valuable things that we can give our animals. It instills a sense of confidence & self-esteem into a pet, so that the animal will be more personable & secure in their surroundings". If you or your pooch needs to brush up on training, NOW is the perfect time to head to Cut Bank & attend the classes. You can register at the first class. Please be sure that all dogs & pups are up to date with their vaccinations. Please bring a lawn chair. A dog truly IS "man's best friend". I often said that no matter how miserable a person you are, no matter how poorly your day has gone, no matter if all your coworkers feel that you're a complete jerk at work...once you get home in the evening, your dog is always HAPPY to see you & give you unconditional love. Dogs have always liked me, I'm the Puffman!