On March 18th back in 1960, Gilford High School defeated Holy Rosary to WIN the Montana State Class C basketball championship. Exactly ONE year later, Rosary turned the tables, this time upending local-rival Belgrade for the same crown. In his outstanding book, "Two Moments of Glory," Frank Spragg serves up not only the history leading to these 2 championships,but he paints a portrait of small towns everywhere, with their public & parochial schools, goofy old gyms, ego clashes & political struggles. It's a heck of a read, & this afternoon (Thursday) at 4:35, I'll be "chewing the rag with Spragg," on the Puffman Show. I'm more than looking forward to it...Frank grew up here in the Treasure State, & his book tells the story-behind-the-story far more than a simple recap of games & tournaments, of offenses & defenses, of starts & strategy. It tells a very human story of the camaraderie, rivalry & enduring legacy that high school sports programs bestow on all involved. I encourage you to check out the book from Luminare Press at: www.luminarepress.com, & then join us at 4:35 this afternoon. How about that... the "Sports Expert (Puff), talking with the "sports author!" I intend to ask Frank for some advice on how to read the basketball brackets during this afternoon's interview.