My special guest on the Puffman Show this Tuesday afternoon at 4:35 has definitely been there, done that! He's Art Keller, former CIA operative in the agency, division responsible for tracking black market nuclear weapons. Art's seen enough to make his hair stand up straight permanently (I think the same thing happened to Don King!) and Art's joining me Tuesday afternoon to talk about his recent book, "Hollow Strength". "Hollow Strength" promises to serve up a compelling picture of the Iran of tomorrow, and the perils of real world espionage operation. Being an old Mission Impossible fan, I'm looking forward to talking with Keller. By the way, Art dedicates his tome "To the people of Iran, who wait the arrival of a better day, the officers of the Central Intelligence Agency who, unknown and unthanked, toil ceaselessly in the second oldest profession, and finally, to the U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet, which makes maintaining one of the highest operational tempos in the world look deceptively easy. Should be a page turner!.