The Marias Museum of History & Art is fired up for their 2012 Gingerbread Contest next month & the entry deadline is Monday, December 3rd. I always look forward when Dean Hellinger visits me on the Puffman Show on Tuesday afternoons & I'm sure that Dean will be sharing the details of this year's Gingerbread Contest when he stops by our KSEN broadcast studios this Tuesday. The theme this year is "Christmas Around the World" with cash prizes to be awarded by the Marias Museum board at the Christmas open house. Dean will be talking about "Christmas Around the World" & this year's gingerbread contest when he's in the studio this afternoon. For more information on the contest, the numbers to call are: 434 2182 or 937 3658. I'll see you Tuesday afternoon with Lean Dean on the Puffman Show. Gingerbread...mmmm-good!