Won't you wear your ring around your neck...that's what ol' Elvis used to sing & I've come across a book on rings...actually it's "Ring Shui-More about Move Your Rings, Change Your Life". Barbara A. Berg is the author & she claims that you can attract the relationships you want through the placement of your rings. Myself? I don't wear any rings whatsoever because I'm afraid they will somehow interfere with all the computer & transmitter equipment here at the radio station, not to mentioned the possibility of the Puffman being electrocuted. At any rate, Ms. Berg writes about "The Ring Shui" approach & shares insights about others through where they place their rings, how the "laws of attraction" work through your fingers, & what the placement of your rings says about YOU!. She brings a combination of ancient art & modern psychology to the simple act of accessorizing. Ring Shui is both entertaining & informative on what your hands & rings can indicate about your lifestyle, patterns & more. Bottom line: the Ring Shui" approach helps you transform the way you connect in many areas of your life. I suggest you read her book before you go out on your next date or go to your next job interview. Look for "Ring Shui" wherever books are sold or visit www. ringshui.com.