I'm NOT blogging about that hit TV program on Showtime either! Our City of Shelby has a "Weed Ordinance". The City of Shelby Weed Ordinance requires that ALL vegetation on property be kept BELOW 6 inches. IF vegetation is in EXCESS of this, you'll be in "big trouble"...it's a violation of the ordinance. This ordinance is up on the City of Shelby website: www.shelbymt.com. Unsightly weeds & vegetation are a continuing problem here in "Small Town USA" (as ol Bob called it), & the Shelby City Council wishes to eliminate this annual problem. Trees, hedges & bushes at intersections must be no higher than 2 & 1/2 feet within 30 feet of the street corner. The City of Shelby Weed Ordinance provides for crews to mow weeds on your property. IF you fail to comply with the Weed Ordinance without any notice. Please help keep Shelby looking GREAT!