That's what they're saying about the new book (just published this summer!) that I'll be giving away tomorrow morning (Saturday) at 7:30 on Puffman Sports Trivia. Seattle Psychologist Laura S. Kastner, Ph.D. along with Kristen A. Russell have authored this welcome resource for parents who want to understand what really works to build success in teens. With humor, wisdom & a deep, research-based understanding of the teen aged brain, "Wise-Minded Parenting" provides parents effective new ways to manage their own emotions in the heat of the moment with their teen or tween. I haven't read anything like this since I read Pat Boone's "Twixt, Twenty, & Twenty" when I as a kid! Be the 1st caller tomorrow morning with the correct answer to my sports trivia & WIN your copy from KSEN & ParentMap Publishing. Check it out on the web at: There's 7 essentials for raising successful tweens + teens in this "must-read" for ALL parents. Tomorrow morning I'll be asking a sports trivia question about infamous baseball player who stole a ton of bases in his career! See you Saturday morning on Puffman Sports Trivia at 7:30.