The advisory board for the Center for Mental Health here in Shelby will be meeting tomorrow, Thursday, at 12 noon down at the Griddle. Rattle the skillet...we're working up a hunger already! Our advisory board meets the 3rd Thursday of every month from September through June. We take the summer months OFF for our own mental health! Our mission statement is: "The Center for Mental Health partners with people & communities to produce exceptional mental health & substance abuse services". Our vision is: "Partnering to Improve Lives". The Center for Mental Health is located right across the street & up a block from the radio station at 925 Oilfield Avenue. If you would like to join our advisory board and/or find out more information concerning mental health issues & services here in the Golden Triangle...Toole, Glacier, & Pondera Counties... give the Center at call at 434 5285. See you tomorrow at the Griddle. It is imperative that all regular members attend as we need a quorum. I'm not exactly sure what a "quorum" is, but I suspect that it may be one of the desserts down at the Griddle!