It's well known that Brits will bet on anything, and with less than 24 hours until the wedding, there is no shortage of ways to lose a few quid. Bookies are taking wagers on the color of Kate Middleton's dress (odds-on it'll be white), whether the marriage will survive 10 years (happily, the money says "yes"), and whether the bride's vows will include a promise to obey (don't bet on it).

Here are some of the truly silly bets being honored by bookmakers:

The odds that Best Man, Prince Harry, will forget the ring: 100-1

The odds that the groom will bobble and/or drop it: 20-1

The odds that Kate will mis-recite the prince's full name (William Arthur Philip Louis): 16-1

The odds on the color of the Queen's hat range from 3-1 for yellow to 100-1 for black.

10-1 are the odds that Prince Philip will be caught napping during the ceremony.

The odds that Michael Middleton will shed a tear as he walks his daughter down the aisle: 3-1

The odds that, when the Archbishop of Canterbury asks if there are any objections to this marriage, there will be: 50-1 (five of the groom's ex-girlfriends were invited, as were two of the bride's former boyfriends.)

The odds that Prince William will be jilted at the altar: 100-1

Odds that there will be a new heir to the throne born in 2012: 8-11

Boy or girl? 50/50