I guess I'll find out this afternoon (Tuesday) at 4:35 when Sharo`n Lynn Wyeth is one of my afternoon guests. Ms Wyeth is a "name expert" and well she should be. She's been researching names for some 15 years and then field-testing the results in over 70 countries prior to her writing her bestselling book, "Know the Name: Know the Person". In other words, this woman claims that your name actually determines who and what you are. She believes that Donald Trump is successful because of his name. And she has some choice words to say about Barrack Obama's moniker. In other words, if your parents give you the "right name", everything will be okay. If they don't, prepare for a lifetime of misery and misfortune. As for me, I don't think I'll be changing my name any time soon. It's worked reasonably well for me and I'm too old to try to learn and memorize another handle! See you this afternoon and who knows, one of our listeners might win a copy of "Know the Name: Know the Person". My name's The Puffman.