We'll be reading the final pages of Dale Sheldon's "Who Lost" tonight (Tuesday) during Montana History this evening up at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. What to read next? I'm looking at one of 3 neat books: (1) "The Good Times Are All Gone Now; Life, Death, and Rebirth In An Idaho Mining Town" by Julie Whitesel Weston, (2) "Dark Spaces; Montana's Historic Penitentiary At Deer Lodge" by Ellen Baumler (from the Montana Historical Society), or (3) "Empty Mansions; The Mysterious Life of Hugette Clark and the Spending of a Great American Fortune" by Bill Dedman (winner of the Pulitzer Prize) & Paul Clark Newell, Jr...some great reads & some difficult choices. We'll decide tonight during Montana History up at the Heritage & I'll keep you posted on my Puffman Blog. See you this evening at 6 o'clock SHARP for MORE Montana History at the Heritage. AND Dale Sheldon, thank YOU from ALL of us for one GREAT READ!