What would you do if you accidentally discovered evidence of the BRUTAL murder of a family member committed 60 years ago? Without any previous investigative experience, Dr. Clem C. Pellet, a former Great Falls boy, initiated his own cold case investigation. A year later the doc succeeded in bring the killer to justice & once again, the judge put down the hammer & the devious Dryman is back in the slammer! Dr. Pellet was a guest on my afternoon program several weeks back & NOW he'll be making his 1st Hi-Line SPEAKING PRESENTATION up at the Marias Heritage Center next Friday afternoon, May 23rd, at 2:30. Next Friday's program at the Heritage is free & open to the public. A "Special" invitation to anyone who has any connection to or memories of the infamous Dryman Case here in Shelby back in the early 50's. Inspired by his successful quest tracking down the murderer of his grandfather (Frank Dryman), Dr. Pellett recently changed careers from dentistry to writing, public speaking & investigation. In fact, he currently holds a certificate in Private Investigation from Boston University. Dr. Pellett has been featured on both national & international media including the A & E Biography Channel, CBS news, CNN Justice & the New York Daily News, not to mention the 'ol Puffman Show. If that's not enough...the man's a published crime novelist with his book "Dastardly", a fictional account of his true story. Audiences ranging from law enforcement & healthcare providers to University students have described Dr. Pellett's presentation as: "riveting..., "spell-binding"... "You could have heard a pin drop",..."I couldn't hold back tears"..."inspiring." My impression? One of the best guests I've had in a long time on the Puffman Show & the coolest guys I have met since I met Peter Yarrow from Peter, Paul & Mary recently! (& I don't think that Peter's ever written a book or tracked down a dangerous killer!) I'm sure that it will be SRO next Friday afternoon at 2:30 up at the Heritage Center, so get there early! Following his presentation, Dr. Pellett will be signing copies of his book, "Dastardly", with ALL proceeds going to the Heritage Center. For more information contact: Judy Richmond at: jrichman@mmcmt.org (434 3290). If you or your family have special memories of the "Dryman Case", please contact Dr. Pellett at: dastardly2011@gmail.com. "Dastardly" is a great read...I started the book last night & my hair is still standing on end this morning! See you NEXT Friday afternoon, 2:30, Marias Heritage Center.