I'm a regular listener to the Huckabee Report. Why, you ask! Because I'm the one turning the knobs and twisting the dials during our Action-Packed 5 o'clock news hour here on KSEN/K 96. I keep hearing about this Lifelock and it must be a good thing because Mr. Huckabee claims that he was a Lifelock user BEFORE they sponsored  his evening broadcast. I've got Paige Hanson this afternoon  (Monday) at 4:35 on the Puffman Show. Paige is the Manager of Educational Programs at Lifelock and although I'm sure she doesn't know as much stuff as Huckabee does, she probably knows a lot about Lifelock. Lifelock representatives will be here in Montana tomorrow (Tuesday) in Billings and this Thursday in Missoula  presenting a free, one-day identity theft summit bringing together local, regional and state law enforcement officials to better understand the crime of identity theft. The award-winning educational summit will be hosted in Missoula by Chief Mark Muir and the Missoula Police Department and the Montana Crime Prevention Association. Hopefully there will be some attendees from our Golden Triangle area here in north central Montana over in Missoula  Thursday or in Billings tomorrow and I feel this afternoon's interview with the Lifelock people will be an educational experience for all of us. Especially when you're the Puffman...you don't want someone stealing your identity!