It  seems like Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week because I look forward to visiting the Marias Heritage Center and reading Montana history to the residents. Apparently I didn't read fast enough last week because I wasn't able to finish the last page of Christy Leskovar's "Find The Bad Inn. First order of business this evening will be to read that final page and conclude Christy's story of discovering her family's hidden past. I am anxious to begin our next book, ""How It Looks Going Back" by Montana author Doris Knowles Pulis. This is HER story of growing up in the Yaak area. It promises to be a look at this mystic northwestern Montana locale. I've always been curious about the Yaak and I hope that the Marias Heritage Center residents will enjoy hearing about it as much as I'll enjoy reading the book to them.  I enjoy reading but never have the time to read everything that I would like. Rock singer icon David Crosby wrote in his first book that the answers to everything are in books. I'm sure Crosby has said other meaningful things but probably not to the extent of another one of my heros, Bob Dylan. Dylan has said a lot of stuff also but some if it has been hard to understand. Dylan did say "it's all blowing in the wind" and our weatherman, John Polasky, promises that it will warm up before weeks' end. Gary Goodan agrees with John so I think we can look forward to some warmer temperatures as the week goes by. I must go now, I've got an afternoon Puffman program to prepare for and then it's off to the Heritage Center at six tonight to read Montana history. Bill Beck, our highline sportsman, says "it's out of whack" but tonight "it's all about the Yaak!