It's not always "over the hills and through the woods we go to grandmothers' house" on Thanksgiving day. In fact, if you're as old as I am, granny's probably long dead and a little bit of your relatives goes a long ways if you catch my drift. Many of the local eateries are closed in order that their employees may enjoy time with THEIR families. My friend, Darrell Dixie (that's how the place got it's name according to local legend), is also closed today but I hear Darrell's not shirking his responsibility entirely-he's preparing for his Friday special, "seafood salad on croissant (I think it's a French word) with clam chowder". It sounds like a nautical lunch to me. Of course, he'll have plenty of the Dixie's famous chicken bisque (I'm not sure what kind of word that is, perhaps also French) on hand. It's nice to note that TLC is having their 7th annual Thanksgiving dinner over at the Shelby Senior Center this afternoon and the whole community's invited. 7 years in a row! This is a very nice thing to do. Hats off and a "tip of our towers" to the TLC folks. Whatever you're doing today, it doesn't hurt to take a little time out and be thankful for the many positive things in our life. Sometimes it doesn't seem that way with the 24 hour daily news coverage we get from television, radio, internet, etc. If it "bleeds, it leads" and that is all the more apparent in today's media coverage. There IS a lot of good going on in our world...sometimes one just has to slow down and look at the big picture. With that, I bid all the Puffman Blog readers a truly happy Thanksgiving. And, 'DON'T EAT TOO MUCH TURKEY".