I guess we'll find out this afternoon (Tuesday 3/1) when I talk with Jerome Charyn, author of an eloquent new book on Joe DiMaggio. Biographers have painted the private DiMaggio as a cruel, cunning man with little interest in other people, a man obsessed with his own image as the great American hero. My guest says in his book "Joe DiMaggio: The Long Vigil", that DiMaggio was a man of extremes, superbly talented on the field, but privately insecure, passive, and dysfunctional. I hope this guy never decides to write a book on the Puffman! I invite you to tune in at 4:30 and get "the story behind the story" on this character who ended up being a lyric in a Simon and Garfunkel song. He can't be all that bad, he got Marilyn Monroe to marry him and besides he did all those coffee commercials!