It was at Mann Gulch outside Helena back in 1949 and that's the book I'm reading to the residents at the Marias Heritage Center tonight at 6 o'clock. Mark Matthews (a writer from Missoula) has published the tome "A Great Day To Fight Fire Mann Gulch, 1949" and this book is more than a page turner, it's a barn burner. Mann Gulch is where 16 men ventured into hell to fight a raging wildfire in 1949 and only three came out alive. We read the first three chapters last week after we finally got out of the Yaak and tonight we'll commence chapter 4. I agree with a blurb on the back cover, "There is no way to read this book without feeling a sense of tragic loss". I always enjoy Tuesdays because I have my Montana History Reading to look forward to at the Marias Heritage Center here in Shelby. I truly hope and believe that the residents of this assisted living facility enjoy it as much as I do. See you tonight at the Heritage. And thank goodness we finally got out of the danged Yaak and NO, we're not going back!