All this week on Puffman Musical Trivia, I've been giving away the sparkling debut novel penned by Karen Engelman, "The Stockholm Octavo". I still don't know how to pronounce "Octavo" but that hasn't slowed down me down as we dive into a world of political intrigue, romance, the Octavo spread of cards & some great musical trivia questions & winners. This afternoon (Friday) at 4:30, is your final chance to win a copy of this hardback read that was just released on Tuesday. Don't take my word for it...Kirkus Reviews says "Elegant & multifacted, Engelmann's debut explores love & connection in late 18th-century Sweden & delivers an unusual, richly-imagined read...The Setup is wonderfully engrossing;..this is stylish work by an author of real promise". I say, "the cover looks pretty neat, there's 432 pages & it's from Harper Collins". I'm a blog writer, not a literary critic...I'm the Puffman! I invite you to tune in every weekday afternoon & take a shot at Puffman Musical Trivia.