Shelby High School will be hosting a Speech & Drama meet 3 weeks from this weekend on Saturday, November 2nd. The high school is in need of judges for the 4 rounds at the meet. If you'd like to volunteer to be a judge, you can judge from 1 to all 4 rounds! Rounds are at 9 & 10:30 Saturday morning, November 2nd & at noon & 2 that afternoon. The finals are at 2. Lunch will be provided. I helped judge the Shelby Speech & Drama Meet a few years back & it was a blast listening to & judging these young students...EVERY student was outstanding! It was a tough decision. If YOU would be interested in judging or have any questions pertaining to the event, please contact Carla at 424 9389 or Eve at 460 0119. I signed up for speech class in high school, took the 1st class the 1st day & QUIT(!) when we were given our 1st was to come back the 2nd day & give a speech in front of the class...I was scared stiff & opted for a study hall the rest of the year! & look at me, I'm the PUFFMAN(!)...I ended up becoming a professional radiator station can only happen in America!