"Bankrupt At Birth" is the title of the book that I'll be giving away later this afternoon (Thursday) on my Puffman Musical Trivia. "Bankrupt At Birth" explains why child ID theft is on the rise & how it's happening under parent's noses. The NFL's Steve Young says "our children are now living in an age where social media is central to their lives. You need to read this book to understand the dangers they face & what YOU need to do to keep them safe". Joe Mason, the general manager of IDENTITYGUARD.COM & a senior VP at Intersections Inc is the author along with Steve Schwartz. Mr. Mason has played a role in protecting the identities of over 3 million Americans & has provided his expert advice on CNN, Fox, & ABC. The CEO of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, John Lauck says "this book shows you child identity theft is a very big deal, & teaches you what you need to do about it". Visit www.BankruptAtBirthBook.com for additional resources & be the first caller with the correct answer to my Pufmman Musical Trivia question this afternoon at 4:30 & win yourself a copy of this timely read. By the way, the infamous Mary Lou Retton, Olympic Champion & Children's Miracle Network Hospitals Board Member has written the forward & 100% of the book's profits are going to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals! Certainly a most timely book in this day & age.